Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work-In-Progress Wednesday

I am desperately wanting to start on the next Christmas stocking!! Filling in all these little bits and then knowing that the outlining is looming (I know, outlining is a favorite for some :o) is making it very hard to stay focused. But stay focused I did!
And then...because I just couldn't stay all THAT focused.....
I pulled out my Granny Stripe Blanket that was started two years ago. It got banished to the box when newer, more shiny projects came my way, but I decided to bite the bullet and just finish it. I had seen so many beautiful granny stripe blankets out there lately that they inspired me to take out mine. Well, lo and behold, there was really not that much to do on it. One last stripe made it the right length and I have been sewing in ends a little at a time. Once the ends are sewn in I will only need to make a border. Whoopee!! It should be finished soon...unless I get distracted again :o)
All piled up in it's Granny Goodness!
16 year old daughter last night said, "WOW! How beautiful, when did you start this one?"


Sarah said...

I just had to giggle at you - I can SO relate to the distraction of shinier projects! What a gorgeous granny! Can't wait for the big reveal. And, the stocking is coming along beautifully - I'm not a big fan of the backstitching either, but it sure does finish it off.

hakucho said...

Congrats on finishing your granny stripe's beautiful :)

Shan said...

Great work on that stocking! I thought I was all done, but a re-do has surfaced in the family, so maybe I've got one more in me!