Friday, January 20, 2012

Granny Stripe Blanket Finish!!

I am so happy with this blanket!! I started this about two years ago before I knew anything at all about crochet. It is my very first crochet project and the one I learned on. I fell in love with Lucy's blanket and followed her tutorial exactly. I can't tell you how well this worked - her instructions were fabulous and worked perfectly. I took this blanket along with me on camping trips and then it was put aside for other gifty type things and rested there for quite a time. I finally pulled this out about a week ago and to my great and happy surprise, there was not that much left to pull it together and finish it.
It is warm and I love it. I am hard pressed to share it unless I am also under it :o) This blanket measures: 51 1/2" X 58 3/4"
I also followed the edging that Lucy recommended and am so happy with it. I left out a row of double crochet after the light pink color because I wanted to end with the dark purple and only had a bit of that left.
More color!
I am in love with those little picots! And they were so easy to do!
I can't get enough of this blanket!
Final edge picture. For being my very first finished crochet project, I am quite happy with it. It goes to show you how well the pattern was written if a complete beginner can make something like this from it.

Click here for more finishes.


hakucho said...

Love your blanket. You finished it at the right time...just in time warm you up :)

Enjoy :)

Crocheting girl said...

The colors are great :) Congrats on your first project being done.

Shan said...

Beautiful! I love it.

rayndrop said...

i love the variety of colors! it looks so cozy. it makes me want to make one.