Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The warranty has expired!

DD#2 is now 10- that's right, she's now in the double digits! I cannot believe it! It would be just too predictable to ask where the time has gone, but there it is- 10 years has past in a flash! A friend of mine told me that now that she is in the double digits the warranty has expired and we have to keep her. Ah....just think a few days ago.....NAH, we would miss her too much. Well.....except when the loud screaming that sometimes seems to emanate from her gets to a decible beyond comprehension.

She had a pool party so this is the cake we came up with. DD#2 actually helped make the cake and decorate it. We had a really fun time - something to keep in mind for everyday and not just once a year :o)
Gummis reclining


A young one trying to stay afloat

Saturday, February 23, 2008

President's Weekend

We got away to the snow this past weekend and it was a complete blast!! 4 kids skiing and one who loved digging in the snow and stamping in the "muddles" (mud puddles). There was snowman building (these mini-snowmen that were just so cute), long evenings by the fire playing games and reading with the kids, and good food. 5 days away from the daily schedule, chores and chaos were just what the soul needed. All of us are just so refreshed!

A little bit of knitting went on:
Hexagon #3
Hexagon #4

Hexagon #5.
Only 28 more to go if my 2nd grade math skills are still working.

All 24 inches of the back of dh's sweater are complete

The front is well on it's way

AND......since I am a "jack-of-all-trades", a pair of earrings

It was so much fun making these earrings!! I had forgotten how much I actually liked beads and wire. It has been a full couple of years of mostly knitting which is so fun and rewarding, but there are other crafts that are also really fun. More time, I just need more time!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yet again :o)

This has been on my list for a little while. One night at knit night I saw the finished product just lying on the couch and I knew that I must make one. It comes as a kit-no thinking involved
Each hexagon is made up of 6 triangles like this one

After you are down to one stitch

You cast on 24 more on the side and start another triangle



The finished hexagon.

And another. These puppies are really addictive. Each triangle starts with only 25 stitches and decreases from there so they take no time at all (it seems). The yarn does all the color change. The pattern calls for 33 of these babies so only 31 more!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A little overwhelmed today

Behold a normal plate for a boy. This plate is approximately 4 years old and there are two of them. I am totally sick of these plates!!! I ask - how many times can a person be reasonably expected to wash and dry the same plate before they go completely bonkers....
I refuse to do the math but I give the equation just for the #$!:%$ of it:
(4 X 365) X 2 or 3
4 = years. 365=days per year. 2 or 3 = times per day said dishes are cleansed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New knitting & old knitting

So much for not casting on for something new!!! I was at knit night on Monday and a friend was knitting a spiral baby blanket that I thought was really cool, so.....I had to start one too!! It is super easy and has become my new take everywhere knitting.

Finished hat for dd#1. Actually I made a different one that wasn't "long" enough. This is the new one. She loves it and wears it all the time - both outside and inside!

Another of the same hat I have been knitting, but I kind of got bored with the regular pattern and decided to do some different stitches. The solid yellow closest to the top is a seed stitch, the solid yellow closest to the bottom of the hat is a 1X1 rib and there is also a 2X2 offset pattern in there.
January and part of February hats including the short blue one for dd#1 and the taller one and the one from above. 4 of these hats will be given to charity.

DH's sweater progress. It has come to the point where it has been split into two parts a front and a back. Currently I am working on the back (shown here) and have about 6 more inches to go.

This is the side view that inlcudes the gusset and the front of the sweater on some waste yarn. This is a great knit. I am learning so much, but it is slow going. I was stalled for awhile and had to make a deal with myself to knit 2 rows a night. Well, once I get started each night, I keep going past the 2 rows because it really is enjoyable.