Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super Big Finish and Itty Bitty Finish

This super big finish is a project that I have been working on for several years.  I have taken breaks to do other things and make gifts for people, but on average have probably worked in about 30 to 45 minutes everyday.

I am so proud to have actually finished it!

 I could not believe my good fortune in finding what I felt was the PERFECT fabric to line the front and also to make the back.
 This is the back.  I totally love, love, love it!
 And here is the front.  This is THE biggest most complicated cross stitch project that I have ever made.  To say it was a challenge would be a huge understatement!
 There is lots and lots of backstitching in all different colors and thread amounts.  There are half and quarter stitches.  There are places where there is one stitch in one color surrounded by other single stitches in other colors - sometimes with two threads of the same color, sometimes with two threads of different colors and sometimes with only one thread.
 French knots with this lovely, shiny, but very slippery gold thread.
 So many details :o)
 Love this dog and how the package in the background looks 3D.
 A starry, snowy night.
 A tree of many, many shades of green.
 My very first go at couching and with that super slippery gold thread.
 Hanging in it's proper place, finally finished for my oldest daughter who will be going away to college next fall.  This is her last year to be living under the family roof.  So proud of her!
 My itty bitty finishes are these earrings.  This set is for my oldest daughter.
 Christmas ornament + ear wire + 45 seconds = cool holiday earrings.
 This set is for me!
Feeling good today!!  I simply cannot believe the Christmas stocking is complete, it has been on the top of my craft stack for so long!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Do you have scads of these plastic bags??
 I do/did!  They were everywhere!  I had bags of these bags.  It seemed that they were taking over corners in my home - you know, where my yarn needed to live!
 I took each bag and turned it into these strips.
 I now have a tote bag full of strips so that I can.....
 Knit with them!  For right now, I think this will be made into a recycled grocery bag to carry my groceries.  It's really quite strong.
 I really like all the different colors!!  It's just so cool!
I picked up these two magazines the last time I was at the store (I couldn't make the picture verical) and am reading them right now.  It is getting colder and I just feel the need to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  Of course, chocolate is a necessary part of most meals :o)

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Friday, December 14, 2012

New dress for Chrissa

Chrissa, my daughter's American Girl Doll needed a new dress.

And this is what I came up with.  A simple sheath.  It was super simple and took almost no time at all.  I love these quick, simple projects that make my kids smile!!  It really makes my heart sing.  I think Chrissa needs more dresses for Christmas!!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wrappin' - not the singing kind or the present kind, the knitting kind!
 I have contracted a virus.  This virus is called startitis.  Have you heard about it??  Oh, it's so contagious!!  But, oh so fun!  As usual now, Tux must be in the middle of everything.
 I found this fun and beautiful yarn one day while I was at Michaels.  I had just dropped off my youngest daughter at a girl scout meeting, I was feeling a little blue and had about 90 minutes of time all to myself.  So....I decided to have some retail therapy time.  This yarn and several others found their way into my basket.
 I had no idea what it would look like knitted up, but it looked kind of fun in the wrapper.  Now that I have knit a bit, I love, love, love it!
 This is the yarn unknitted - didn't it look fun?  Can you see why I just had to have it??
 We also celebrated a birthday - Our youngest daughter turned 11 and requested her favorite chocolate cake in my "fancy" bundt pan.
 I couldn't disappoint her!  And I filled the hearts with melted chocolate wafers of different colors.
Look at that face!  Did she like it or what!

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