Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tallies

To help me to complete some of the larger projects that I wish to complete this year, the ones that have many pieces that will need to be created and then assembled, I have decided to participate in Tuesday Tallies on Carole's blog Gingerbread Girl. I have seen so many great things from that blog and I think it's a perfect way to be held accountable (at least for a little while!). So here goes - my first ever Tuesday Tallies:
My first 7 "hexi-puffs" for the Beekeepers Quilt. I have been seeing these all over blogland and wanted to make one myself. I held out for awhile on purchasing the pattern, but alas I fell and just HAD to have it!! These little guys are fun to make although not very quick - I am a VERY slow knitter though. The pattern calls for US#4 needles and larger yarn than I am using. The designer's hexi-puffs came out to about 3 inches across. I am using superfine sock yarn and US#1 needles. My hexi-puffs measure a scant 2" across. I will need quite a few to make a lap quilt :o)
This is my favorite hexi-puff. I just like the colors. I decided to follow the pattern for the cast on - this was different for me - I guess it is what someone would use for toe-up socks, but it is really cool how it knits flat. I wanted to follow the cast off instructions as well, but I couldn't find my itty bitty crochet hook so I am closing these up with the kitchener stitch.
I pulled out the fish again - I have less than 80 to go to have enough for a blanket. Here are the seven for this week. Lost and Wandering has a picture on her website and the link for the pattern is here. This has been on my WIP list for a very long time. Hopefully this will be the year that it gets finished!
I also started something new that I have had on my list. It is made up entirely of little granny squares. I need 157 in this color and more in other colors. These are the first 7.
The picture above is what the squares will be used for. It is called Gingerbread Bear Afghan and it is from the Fall 2010 Crochet World magazine. I fell in love with this and purchased all the yarn and then let it languish with all my other UFO's - now I have a plan and hope to make some good progress on this one this year as well.

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hakucho said...

Good luck with your tallies. Hope it helps you get your projects finished.

The bear afghan is awesome...I see why you wanted to do it!!