Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finished Objects :o)

Finished Objects:
 From my Garden
 Off my needles
 Linen Stitch Scarf
 Front - Love this stitch!!
Back - looks equally nice.

Linen Stitch Scarf
Started and Finished in April
Needles:  US6
Yarn:  Koigu
Color:  P865  Lot: 23  Dark Purple
Color:  P469  Lot: 8  Orange Multi Colored
Color:  1113  Lot:  53  Orange

I knit this mostly while standing at Disneyland and Lego Land over spring break.  I had cast on the 450 stitches at home before we left, and by the time we got home it was almost finished.  The next couple of days were spent finishing and then blocking it.  I am totally going to have to protect this with my life since 4 of my 5 kids wants it!!!  I am being completely selfish and KEEPING it for myself :o)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Progress

These are all my hexis.  I started "puffing" away at the first of this year and told myself I would not count them until this bowl was so full I couldn't add anymore without them falling out.  Boy has it been hard not counting them.  In the beginning, for the first couple of weeks, I did keep a running tally in my head.  But as the weeks went by and I kept losing track it got harder and harder to figure it out.
 The time came as I tried to add this weeks hexipuffs to the top.  They wouldn't stay!
 I dumped them out - don't they look fun, all piled up, their colors so random?  I am reading that book right now - I love murder mysteries and this one sure fits the bill.
The kids helped me to line them up and count them - 97 hexi puffs so far!!  Pretty darn cool!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tallies

These 5 hexis are from 3 weeks ago - before our spring break.  With everything that had to get done, I only had time for a few.

These are the hexis from this week.  No other one a day projects were completed, but I do have a FO to show off on Friday.  WOOHoo!
 I just thought this was fun to add in.  This is the bottom of a bunch of celery.  I read on pinterest that you can grow your own celery by planting this part and thought I would give it a go -  I'll let you know how it works out :o)
Off to do some weaving - I am starting a class next week and am so excited about it!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Little Purse

Over spring break, I decided to take the younger 4 kids to Southern California to visit the amusement parks while the dh and oldest daughter went to tour colleges.

When we have gone to amusement parks in the past, my husband usually stays with the youngest kids and I go on the rides with the olders. He HATES rides. Since he doesn't ride the rides, I can leave my purse and "stuff" with him to watch. Well... since this time, he wasn't going to be around, I felt I needed a small purse to hold our money, cards, etc - just the bare necessities - a purse that I could wear at all times, even on rides needed to be pretty small.

I found a crochet stitch that I loved from Petunia Pill blog. I had been wanting to try this stitch for awhile, and on a whim made the decision to use it for this purse.
I started out with a chain of 41 stitches and continued to crochet a rectangle until I felt is was the right size.
I never did get it to block out totally straight on every side. It didn't really matter :o)
A close up of the stitch detail. I totally love the texture of this stitch.
After it was complete, I traced around the piece and made a pattern for a lining. I also traced around my credit cards and made a pattern for pockets to hold these things. I hate all my stuff getting all jumbled up in my purse and having to look for them.
I chose bright pink for the lining and orange and yellow for the pockets and just sewed everything together.
Then I sewed the lining in by hand and added a zipper.
The finished purse with a 5 stitch I-cord strap.
Here is the inside. It was the perfect size!! The little pockets held money and cards and the center held my phone. Not shown - that was added later - is a clip on the left side for my keys.

This is so perfect that I am still using it. The one thing it does not fit is my checkbook, but I almost never need that while I am out anyway.

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