Thursday, May 28, 2009

More sewing!

At our school, when a child reaches 5th grade they get to participate in something called "Eaglesburg". It is a civil war reenactment of Williamsburg. The children need to be in period dress. My daughter asked if I would make her a dress so we immediately went out and found a pattern and fabric. She chose this blue cotton because it matched her eyes. Kind of cute! The pattern was SUPER easy - only 4 pieces for the dress and a bit of lace. The apron (not shown in this pattern was also 4 pieces and super easy.

Simplicity Pattern #2845
Blue 100% cotton from the quilting aisle at Jo Ann's
2 1/2 inch wide lace that we liked.
Sewn up in 2 days
My lovely at the presentation!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How do you measure?

How do you measure 3 soccer games, a fiddle rehearsal and knit night??

8inches on the back of the Eros Drifters Shell!
The front of the shell was finished at a different soccer game on Mother's Day. I have to say that I love the colors and how this works up. Sometimes it feels like I knit and knit and knit and get nowhere because it really is like knitting with string, but the end product is very pretty. This will need to be worn with a tank top or camisole underneath as it is quite see through. Hopefully it will be completed this weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why there is not much knitting going on

This is Kate.
Kate was 10 weeks old yesterday - we got her at 7 weeks.
She is a Yellow Labrador.
She is soft and cute and fun and loving.
She requires 24 hours supervision.
Good thing she's cute!!
We brought Kate home on April 25th and she has been such a great addition to the family! The kids simply love her and play with her continuously. I have heard that this will spoil her, but just try keeping kids away from a puppy!!! We started her training last week, so she sits, lies down, "watches" us and is pottie trained (that last one went much quicker than my kids-AND less accidents). We are now working on stay, "take-it" and walking on the leash. These are proving to be a bit more challenging for her :o)
My first pair of socks - COMPLETE!!!! AND they fit AND I like them!

I have no idea what yarn I used - these were started so long ago that I didn't know I was "supposed" to keep track of that kind of stuff. I used the pattern from the Silver Sock Class on-line and it worked like a charm. All ripping was from my error and not from the pattern. I will definitely be knitting another pair in the future.