Friday, February 8, 2013


Ok, so I don't have a "true" finish this week.  Most of my projects are long term, bit (to me) things that I am working on slowly, a little at a time.
 What I do have is my husband's sweater.  I knit this for him awhile back when I was a new knitter.  I didn't know that it was very important not to split the yarn, so I didn't really pay attention and went on my merry way.
 The result of this is that periodically those split yarns will break and cause a hole that needs to be mended.  I am not all that good at mending.  It used to scare me to have to mend a sweater, but after much google searching and you tube watching, I am fair at this skill.
 I did mend it and he is now wearing it again.
You can see that it pulls in a little, I still need more practice, but it works :o)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hexis again!

I am back to knitting little hexis

although I am going about it VERY slowly.  My students are amazed that these are so small and they are also amazed at how they are knit.  I can see them wanting to keep going and learn new things!!

I have been reading the Narnia series to my kids a chapter a night, every night.  We are now on the third book and they look forward to it.  I look forward to it also - a time to snuggle and enjoy them.

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