Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP #76

My WIPs have been getting a lot of attention this past week. I find it so hard to see the difference on a cross stitch project though so I am glad that there are before and after photos.
After. I filled in some of the little stitches that were missing and started on the back stitching. It is going slowly, but I am starting to feel that excitement when a big project is nearing it's end. Hopefully lots of progress will be made this week!
This is part of a huge granny square blanket I started a few years ago and then banished it to the box. Do you see a pattern here?? This is what happened to the granny stripe blanket (which is finished except for a few little bits and will be revealed soon!).
I really love these color combinations. This yarn was also used in the granny stripe blanket, but I liked it so much I started this one as well with just these four colors.
This is where I am at now and it will become my new yarny WIP to work on. I'm not quite sure how big it is now, but it is not big enough. My very precise way of measuring these is as follows: crochet (or knit) until said blanket it long enough to reach from my neck to past my toes - then it's done!! How's that for precision :o)


Kim Sonksen said...

the colour combination for the blanket is gorgeous and I salute you for your patience on the cross stitching

Andria said...

I'm lovin' your cross stitch. The blanket is gorgeous too, really great work!

Patches said...

Love the blanket

JayNic Knit Knacks said...

you've reminded me about a Cross stitch i have thats still a WIP too.

I love adding the black lining, suddenly it all comes to life.

You've obviously been busy. Well done.

hakucho said...

Slow and steady wins the race ;)

You're doing great!

Sarah said...

oooo I LOVE the colors in the granny blanket! Don't feel bad - your technical method of measurement is akin to mine. Go, go, go...until it's "big enough"!