Friday, January 6, 2012

Flounce Scarves!

The story: Over the summer we took a 10 day camping trip. First stop was Yosemite for 4 nights, then onto MacGrath Beach near Santa Barbara and then to Ventura Beach near San Louis Obispo. We had such a great time - camping is so fun and it just makes you relax. No electronics available, no specific time to do anything, no places you have to be - AHHHH! Anyway, we chose the beach camping spots so that we could visit a couple of colleges so our oldest daughter would start getting a "feel" of things. UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poly were our stops for this trip. trip is complete without a visit to the local yarn shop. In Santa Barbara, we went into a wonderful little store with a very nice and friendly owner. She had a flounce scarf started and told us how easy and quick these things knit up. The girls were enchanted and just HAD to have one each. I thought I also needed one and if they were quick and easy.....well, that was just up my alley :o)
The story explains why there are four scarves in the above picture. The first one was a real pain to knit. I did not find this yarn to be easy at first. I am not good with the "just stab anywhere in the ribbon thing", I am way too controlling for that! I felt the need to spread out the ribbon, make sure I measured to the same spot on my needle each time so the stitches would all be the same length, and stab just under the top border - kind of fiddly! That said, by the time I got to the second scarf, things were going much more smoothly and I was clicking along pretty well. Four scarves in approximately five days. Not complete knitting days, days where we were playing cards, riding to a hiking spot, waiting at the chem tutor, etc. Each scarf averaged around 2.5 to 3 hours to make.
They do make quite a statement. I love the colors and the ruffles.
Each one measures 3" X approx. 55"
My colorway.
Color: 17 Teal-Black
Dye Lot: 147
US #11 Needles
The 10 year old's colorway.
Color: 22 Red-Fushia
Dye Lot: 152
US #11 Needles
She LOVES it and it matches the lining in her jacket!
The 13 year old's colorway.
Color: 20 Blue
Dye Lot: 150
US #11 Needles
You can't tell because of the red eye, but this scarf brings out the blue in her eyes quite well.
The 16 year old's colorway.
Color: 16 Lime Green
Dye Lot: 146
US #11 Needles
She has been wearing hers nonstop since I finished!

Take a look at Tami's blog for other finishes by talented crafters.


Nicky said...

Love them all and the recipients look very happy with them!!!!

Chrisknits said...

That's why I haven't made one, just trying to keep it even and measured would drive me crazy. But they are darling scarves, and girls! now, where's your modeled shot???

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I love that each girl has her own, in her own colourway! They all look happy with theirs in their pictures. It is fiddly to knit - I've done one in teal blues - but the effect is quite dramatic! Nice to have the back story with it!

hakucho said...

Very beautiful. All of them are lovely, but my favorite is the blue and green one :)

SillyLittleLady said...

Great scarves, I've always wanted to try that "yarn" ;)

Kathleen said...

I'm intrigued by that netted yarn, I'm sorry you found it so irritating to work with! Probably worth it for such big scarf-wearing grins from the recipients, though. :D They all look adorable in their flounces.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarfs, I can see why everybody wanted one. xx