Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuffed Tutus

I saw a fabulous tutorial over at Samster Mommy and knew right away I had to make a few of these for some sweet girls in our family!! Some of the cousins are reaching the perfect age for dressup and tutus are so perfect!
This is the first one, modeled by the 12yo. She loves it!
The pattern calls for gross grain ribbon. I duly purchased some and then decided that it needed some "perking" up :o)
So....I also bought some of this ribbon to add to the top to create something a little more festive!
The ribbons sewn together and attached to the top of the tutu.
Super easy pattern and fun to boot!
A close up of the pom poms. DH was with me when I went looking for pom poms and he thought the pastel ones were a little too.......bland. He chose these and I do believe he is correct. They show throught the tulle very nicely.
Ribbon for the next stuffed tutu :o) But for now we are off to get our Christmas tree and put our lights up. Fun, fun times!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Having Fun!

I worked up my courage and finally finished this quilt! It only needed to be trimmed and then the binding sewn, but that seemed so overwhelming for awhile that it was left on the "To Be Finished Pile". Believe me, that pile is quite large!
I took the quilt out and worked on it for a few nights.
And.....Presto, it's done (funny how that works). The binding is handsewn - it's not quite perfect, as the picture shows, but it will do. It's been washed and dried and I really love the way the fabric crinkles after that's been done :o) Now it's ready for our family holiday gift exchange!!
I bought this book a little bit ago because American Girl Dolls are the rage over here with two of my girls. I simply cannot justify buying all those expensive clothes from the catalog - while they are very nice, it's just too much. Youngest daughter will turn 9 on Saturday and she simply loves her doll - so I decided a new outfit for Chrissa was in order.
The wee shirt - at first I really, really disliked sewing this. I don't think my big, huge hands were meant to work on things this small (for knitting, yes - sewing, not so much). But after a bit, just like most things, it grew on me and I decided I like it a lot. I did make one change - the pattern call for snaps underneath the buttons and I changed those to teeny, tiny velcro circles. I think there will be less pulling and wear and tear with velcro. And I hate snaps anyway :o)
I simply love these pants!! I love the fabric, I love how easily they went together, and they fit perfectly. Yes, I tried the clothes on her doll just to make sure.
Could that pocket be any cuter???
So.....out of scraps and some new binding for the facing, a new outfit for less than $5. I can't wait until she opens her gift! I think I'm as bad as the kids!! It's the waiting to see their faces when they open their gifts that excites me. Especially when I think it's something they will totally like!! Only 2 more days :o)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy Rainy Saturday

It is quite lovely to find oneself with an unexpected open and free Saturday. This past Saturday all the soccer fields were closed due to rain. Since we had expected to spend an entire day in the throws of soccer games, it was very relaxing to just hang out with eachother with "nothing" to do :o)

First on the non-agenda were mickey mouse waffles made by the 8 year old.
With chocolate chips of course!
Then there was lego building
followed by clothespin dolls
then some perler bead madness.
Kate needed an extra big treat
Such hard work!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puppet Kit

Usually I dislike kits like this because I feel it hampers creativity. I find that kids want to make what is in the picture instead of using their imagination. To that extent I have never bought one of these for my kids.
E received this kit from a friend of hers while back and just now decided that she wanted to make them.
While she did follow the "map", she had such a great time with it, and has continued to play with the puppets, that I have been rethinking my original hesetancy in purchasing these.
She had a blast!
Who can deny that face :o)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knittin' and Bakin'

Another bear complete! I just love these tiny bears!
I like the bigger, wider skirts and it thrills me more than it should that it is my own pattern!
I also really like the effect of the beads. However, it is VERY time consuming!! BUT, the bears feel incomplete without the beading now :o) So......more beading in my future!
The weather here has been feeling more and more like fall. The mornings are crisp and sunny, so very nice! Yesterday when I came home from the morning school drop off, it was quite chilly in the house (no heat for us yet!) and just felt like baking weather. And bake I did!! We had bananas - as we usually do - and I went to town. These should last about another day :o)

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Goonies!

This pattern is so super easy that it is very addicting!!
Sensations - Angel Hair Stripes
Color: 4789 Purple Stripes Lot: 779
Hook: K
Chained 21 to start
Sensations - Angel Hair Stripes
Color: 105 Lime/Green Lot: 773
Hook: J
Chained 29 to start
Sensations - It's A Wrap
Color: 10 Blue/Turquoise Lot: 419
Hook: J
Chained 29 to start

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let the Holday Gift making commence

Well.....Halloween is over - the decorations put away - Thanksgiving decorations pulled out and waiting to be put up. Now on to finishing up the holiday gifts!!
Capri Sun little tote bags. These are so fun and cute - the little girls in our family adore them!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010