Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tallies

I am excited to be a part of "Tuesday Tallies" or "One-a-Day" as it's also called.
7 more hexies - I think maybe next week I will show a picture of the bowl they are all in - it's getting pretty full now :o)
More fish- I am getting to the end now - my next picture of this project will probably not be of fish, but of some of them sewn together. I am hoping it goes quickly!
More squares for the gingerbread bear blanket - almost enough to make the next section - I can hardly wait!!
THEN....because I have wanted to do these for a long time - I started another one-a-day. Kites to also sew into a blanket :o) These are super easy and super quick - although not quite as quick as the crochet squares for the gingerbread bear blanket.

More one-a-day goodness here!

1 comment:

hakucho said...

Full speed ahead...you are really cranking them out...you'll be done in no time :)

happy valentine's day :)