Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4th grade class quilt

This quilt is moving right along. It is my second quilt - the first one was made in a class using a pattern from a book. This quilt is just a simple one that I put together on the fly.
It is pieced and now the quilting is done. I can honestly say I have done my best, but I am not all that pleased with how it looks. Overall, I think it's "O.K.", but as you can see there are quite a few wrinkles/pulls in the fabric.
Here is a closeup. I unpicked and re-sewed those areas where I thought I could do better, but left those areas where I knew I couldn't fix them.
I matched the bobbin thread to the fabric on the back, but chose a variegated thread for the front.
All that's left now is to hand sew down the binding which I started doing last night. I hope to have both quilts completed by next Tuesday so that they can hang in their respective classrooms for a few days before the auction. Wish me luck!!

See Tami's for more WIPs.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

You're very brave to do your own quilting. I piece my fronts and then send it out to someone who has one of those massive machines. Cute fabric!

hakucho said...

Looks great to me :)Good luck with the final finishing!

Sarah said...

I love the starry fabric, so pretty!