Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Class Quilt WIPs

I have two new, big WIPs. Class Quilts! One for my son who is in the first grade and another for my daughter who is in the fourth grade. These will be auctioned off at our school auction to raise money.
I decided on a fairly easy juvenile quilt for the first graders. I chose four fairly bright fabrics and cut out pieces that are 10 1/2" X 10 1/2".
I chose this white fabric for the kids to design and cut squares that are 8" X 8". Each student drew a picture on a square. These are sooooo cute!! You can see some of them in the photo above. We have 23 students and so far I have 12 squares - I go back after school on Thursday and again on Friday at lunch to have the rest of the students design their squares. The quilt is 5 squares by 5 squares and we have two teachers so it works out perfectly for the teachers to each design a square as well!
Yesterday, I pieced the big colorful squares.
This shows what my idea is. Next I will sandwich the quilt top with the batting and the backing. Then I will sew the students' squares to the top as shown, through all layers, creating a semi "rag quilt". I hope it turns out cute!! I think I will use up the leftover fabric from the colorful squares for the binding. I will keep posting as things move along.

The fourth grade quilt will be a more traditional quilt. I already have 16 squares made and will go in to their class on Thursday at lunch to get the rest. This quilt will have sashing between the squares and a border.

Wish me luck!! These have to be completed before March 3rd. YIKES!!

For more WIPs, check out Tami's blog.


Nicky said...

Beautiful. I love the idea of using the quilt as the back-drop for the kiddos artwork.

Good luck with finishing on time.

Anonymous said...

What an exciting project. I can just imagine their little faces when they see their artwork so beautifully displayed!

hakucho said...

That will be one awesome quilt when you are done! Good luck with your project :)

Pearlin J said...

what great idea! love the colours

pinkundine said...

Sounds like it will be wonderful! I love the idea :) I bet it'll be hard to part with though!

Liz said...

The quilt looks great! What a great idea for the kids drawings :)

Affiknitty said...

What a great project! It is nice that you are using your craft skills to help the school.