Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st grade class quilt

Almost finished with the first grade class quilt for the auction! The border is on and here it is being pinned to be quilted.
I measured each white square to be exactly in the center of a colored square - 1" border on all sides - then I used safety pins to pin in the center of the square and on each corner. Then I put pins on the seams between each colored square and also in the corners. where four squares meet. It took more than 3 hours and boy was it back breaking work!! I had to pin it while it was on the floor!!
It turned out that all those pins were not enough. The white squares that the kids had decorated were still slipping - sometimes as much as 1/4" as I was sewing down the side. I fixed this "little" problem by using straight pins every 1/2"-3/4" as you can see in this photo. I pinned these as they were going through the machine. Each time I came to a pin, I took it out and placed it in the square below.
Quilting this on my little machine, was not easy, but it is done now. The binding has been attached and is being sewn down by hand now. Should be complete soon :o) It will be great to be done with this!!

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

So cute! If you do it again you may want to consider using a spray adhesive or an iron-on adhesive to stick the center motifs in place before sewing. Either option washes out but it saves you from pinning!

Chrisknits said...

Sorry for all the effort, but I am sure it will be treasured in the end. Cute, cute!

hakucho said...

Such a lot of work, but such beautiful results. It will be amazing when complete :)

Kim Sonksen said...

I wish I would have the patience for quilting. Yours is fabulous and it will be snapped up at the auction straight away!

Andria said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work--but oh so worth it! I love these quilts you are making!