Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheetah's clothes

This weeks FO is not my own.

My sweet 6 year old son has been wanting to make clothes for "cheetah" so we decided to get out some fabric and make some. He was very adamant that he make them all by himself (but wanted me near to help). First he traced an outline around cheetah on the cloth. I let him know that he needed to give a very wide margin so that there would be room for the seams and so that cheetah could actually fit in there. He thought not so he cut out right on the lines and sewed up a shirt. I think you know where this is going......the shirt was WAY too small - he couldn't get cheetah in it. Here comes the great part. He looks up at me and says, "Is this why you rip things out so much, mom? You make mistakes?" I said, "Yes, I make mistakes on almost everything I make and have to redo at least part if not all of each project." He said, "Oh." Slight pause. "Well, let me start over." And he did.
This is the second shirt. He carefully traced around cheetah and then asked me what I thought would be the right amount of extra. We decided together and then he was off sewing.
I drew the stitching line to help him stay on track. I even asked him if he wanted to use the sewing machine. He said no - he wanted to do this all himself. He has a hard time standing and working the pedal of the sewing machine and also feeding the fabric. So hand sewing it was.
Starting to turn the shirt. I love the anticipation on his face!
Almost turned!
It worked!! Cheetah had a shirt!
Of course no self-respecting cheetah can go around with out pants so pants needed to be made.
They were whipped up in short order. I did some of the stitching on the shorts - he was getting tired and had lost a little bit of his focus by this point, but he is so proud!!

By the way, yes his favorite stuffy is indeed a jaguar. When he was one, this was his brother's favorite stuffy. Big brother gave this to little brother on little brother's first birthday. We tried to tell him is was a jaguar, but he was convinced it was a cheetah. Now, jaguar's name is "Cheetah". It's so cute :o)

Take a look at other finished objects over at Tami's.


pinkundine said...

Aw, so cute! Love the fact that your son happily makes crafty things :) The outfit looks great too!

grandmastatus said...

♥ heartwarming ♥

Laura said...

That's so, so cute. The shirt and pants look great, but I love how he handled having to start over. It was worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, a crafter in the making! Every kid should have an idea of how to use a needle and thread, my son could sew on a button when he was a little guy! Survival trainning!

Janet said...

Such a sweet story. He did a great job and Cheetah looks quite nice in his new outfit.

Shelleen said...

I can't see pics. Just a bog yellow !

hakucho said...

Sooo cute :) I think you have a budding tailor on your hands. I can't believe he's only 6....he's very dextrous to be able to the cutting and sewing .... love it :)
Lucky cheetah to get outfitted in new clothes :)