Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Here at our home this year was, I think, the best and most relaxing Thanksgiving we have had since the arrival of our kids. Simple was the theme this year, so all the dishes were made in the morning (and only a choice few) and then reheated for dinner. This gave us the afternoon to just kind of hang out as a family. It was also Thing 4's "real" birthday date. Grandpa and Grandma came over early to share family gifts with her and the dessert this year was birthday cake. It was so much fun to have the family together - and because all that was needed was a reheat of the food I got to just enjoy the festivities. NICE!!

These photos from Thanksgiving uploaded in the wrong order, but hopefully that's ok. This is what happens when family stays until past midnight. The three year old falls asleep - he was all tuckered out and when he sat down he asked the 8year old to "keep him company" - then promptly fell asleep on his shoulder. The 8year old stayed like that for almost an hour until he agreed to let us put the youngest to bed.
Loose teeth fall out!

New babies are enjoyed! Here is my Thing 1 with the newest addition to our family. Her 3 1/2 month old cousin. So yummy and adorable!

These next photos are from a few days ago at Thing 4's birthday party. Lots of fun things happened. Face painting (done by the oldest daughters) - duck, duck, goose - pin the crown on the birthday girl (we hung a princess dress on the garage door and printed an enlarged picture of my daughter to attach above it-then the kids each tried to pin a crown onto her head after being blindfolded and spinned) - pinata breaking - cake and ice cream

Fleece, knotted pillows

Completed by a 7yo

Prep for notebooks for the kids to make from an idea I found on spoon full of sugar blog. I made it a little simpler so that the kids could do it themselves.

Front of my daughter's notebook.

Inside of the notebook
She had a great time and I think so did her friends. It was so much fun for us as well.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

WOW - sounds like life has been super busy in your home lately with Thanksgiving and birthdays. Love the mini notebooks tt your duaghter made - looks like a fun party activity!!