Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting & more

This scarf was started a very long time ago. Shortly after #5 child was born 3 1/2 years ago to be precise. I finally finished it while taking some of my daily walks. Yes....I knit during my walks, I guess my sister is right....I am a little strange. I prefer to think "interesting" :o)

India Ribbon Scarf
Needles: US15
Yarn: Lana Grosse "India Ribbon"

It will soon be #4 child's 7th birthday. This year we decided to make our own pinata instead of buying one.

All you need is a large balloon, newspaper strips and liquid starch. It takes a lot of time, especially at this time of year because it needs to dry in between layers - you need 6 or 7 layers in all. Birthday girl has decided that she does not like to get her hands all sticky and gooey so the rest of the family and some friends are finishing it up.

After 3 layers this is what it looks like. We now have 5 layers on it and should be finished early this week. Then to paint, add glitter, gems, feathers, whatever else her heart desires and then we are done!!
I can't believe it's Monday already, I feel like I need a weekend after my weekend - all this soccer is driving me insane. 4 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Then #2 girl decided to try out for the Spring Soccer Select team - we will see if she makes it. Part of me is tired and wants to stop driving to all these practices and games - the other part loves to watch her play. She is so quick and fast and always has a huge grin on her face as she is running down the field - so yeah, I hope she is picked for the team - AND I hope the practices are at the field down the street so we can ride our bikes and the little ones can play!!


Shan said...

I made a pinata once and learned a painful lesson about the difference between how many layers are strictly necessary and how many layers constitute we-need-a-wrecking-ball-to-get-into-this-stupid-pinata.

hakucho said...

Gee I sure wish I could knit and walk at the same time :) I'm not that coordinated. I'd probably drop my yarn then trip on it and land flat on my face ;)

A homemade pinata...that sounds like so much fun. Too bad my boys are all beyond that kind of birthday fun :( Enjoy :)