Friday, November 7, 2008


The recycling bug has hit around here big time. This kids are saving EVERYTHING so that they can use it later for something else.

behold, candywrapper bookmarks for the whole family :o)

I actually thought this was quite clever. DD#1 disappeared into her room, with the door closed I might add (this is new 13yo behavior for us) because she needs PRIVACY!! She reemerged not too long a time later and this is what she had - candy wrappers stuck to long pieces of scotch tape. They work quite well, I am using one in the book I am reading right now and it makes me smile everytime I take it out of the book. Lest I mislead anyone, I was NOT pleased however to learn that this was done instead of homework and said girl had to stay up until after 10:00 pm to finish up.

Who can stay mad for long at a face like that?

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hakucho said...

Very cool book marks :) From a distance one wouldn't even guess that they were candy wrappers. I bet it was fun eating the candy, too :)