Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Pinata Time!

Our finished Pinata!
I'm not sure what I expected from our daughter in terms of the finished product, but this was a surprise to me. She just kept asking for different things. Paint, glitter and feathers. Kind of cool!
Painting - this part only took one day to do and one day to dry. Very free form.

Addition of glitter. Feathers followed soon afterward :o). There is still glitter on the floor from this and we have swept and mopped several times. I have even found glitter on some of the towels that are in the linen closet - how did this happen?

The finished product in action. I had the older girls add colored masking tape at the top to reinforce where the strings were placed. It turns out that this was totally unneccesary!! We had 23 children at the party - 5 were mine - and they all got to go through the line twice. I let my older son "bring it down"!

We only used 5 layers of newspaper and liquid starch. I was warned by Shan that too many layers would prove to create an unbreakable pinata. Boy was she right! If we had done the 7 or 8 layers that I thought were needed, I think we would STILL be whaling away at it!! All in all a huge success. Daughter was completely happy with the end result and all the others want one on their birthdays. much for a day of rest :o)

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