Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The cake

When thing 4 wanted a castle cake for her birthday, I had all kinds of ideas. I was going to do so many things - it was going to be fantastic - because I wanted it to be perfect for her on her birthday.

She had ideas of her own. She made the cake - with help - "We only need a rectangle and a square mom." She helped make the frosting and frosted the cake, with help. Then wanted ice cream cones, colored sugar and sprinkles. We always have these on hand being the incredibly health conscious household that we are :o). She proceeded to frost the cones and add the decorations.
Thing 5 was allowed to help out.

The finished cake. All her doing. I wrote on it - she dictated - I got it wrong. It was supposed to read "Happy 7th Birthday Emma". After completion it was pronounced that this was a "Perfect Birthday Cake"! What a gem she is and I have learned that if they can do it themselves it is ever so much better than something I just do for them.

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