Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tired of baking

I have been baking, baking, and baking every night for last week and a half and the novelty is totally wearing off!! Every class had a party and needed something - of course the kids offered baked goods. Every sport had an end of year party - every musical instrument had a recital with a reception - boy am I glad we're done until August!!
Triple treat cookes in containers that fit in the bike baskets for the 14yo and the 12yo
Banana bread muffins/cupcakes
I actually took the time to use a fancy tip for the frosting this time :o)
I bought a new cake pan on clearance awhile back and just used it now.
Make 3 cakes - 2 with the chocolate batter on the outside, 1 with the white cake batter on the outside.
It's kind of cool how the batters don't mix once you take out the form.
Much to my surprise it actually worked!! A checkerboard cake!
More triple treat cookies - 2 batches for 2 different parties
Chocolate brownies - 2 batches for 2 different parties
Cake pops
I still like making these
And the kids love eating them!
Whew! Time to relax!

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hakucho said...

Your checkerboard cakes came out great! Love those cake pops....they sure look yummy :)