Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I decided that I wanted to learn more about crochet. There are a lot of really nice things out there in blogland that would be so cool to make and also all the amigurimi animals that I think are so very cute. I have also been reading a blog named Attic 24 for a quite awhile now and love her upbeat positive attitude. All the colors on her blog and then her description of crochet as "hooky goodness" have just won me over to trying to learn more crochet. I bought the book 200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws, and afghans by Jan Eaton and have decided to work my way through it one block at a time. I have started at the beginning of the book and am working my way through all the blocks labeled as "easy.
Block #2: Tiny Textures
Block #3: Square Target (although it is not very square!)
Block #5: Twin Stripes
Another Block #5 just because...
Attic 24 had a pattern for a granny blanket. I decided that I would just jump in with both feet and give it a go. Above is the first chain and I counted VERY carefully. The first couple of rows were a bit challenging for me, but after a few fits and starts, I got the hang of it.
These are the first six colors. All from Lion Brand, all Vanna's Choice. The first 4 colors were in my stash as they were used to make a sweater for DS#2.
I do really like the stitch definition! Each row goes pretty quickly and it's great that I get to change colors every two rows. Unfortunately, I waited until the 6th color change to weave in the ends. Won't be making that mistake again!! I plan to weave after every change or else this might wind up on the UFO pile when the crochet is complete!
Just LOVE this "hooky goodness"!

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