Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New blanket + San Juan Bautista

Yup!! Another of those blankets started. Strip #1 of 5 complete. I can do this pattern with my eyes shut which has been so nice - this is the project I bring with me to all the end of year celebrations/recitals/receptions - it is growing of it's own accord :o)

4th grade would not be complete without the obligatory mission project. Actually this year it was totally optional to build one and my son absolutely wanted to build it.
It's quite nice that Michael's carries these cool kits for the missions. Makes them so much easier!! Then there are all the "extras" that one can have for their mission.
Young son did almost all of the work himself. He was quite proud.
I helped get the roof on because it kept slipping and because he didn't have any support structure inside, it kept bowing, but eventually we got it to look right.
Young son would have been very happy if his board had been twice the size so he could have had a huge crop and many, many animals :o)

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