Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New quilt!!

I picked up a very cute magazine the other day at the store. Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection Spring 2010 Quilts and More and found this very cute and exciting quilt designed by Julie Herman. I love it and it looks easy enough for me as a new quilter to be able to accomplish. Just in case you're wondering.....no I have not finished the first quilt. The binding is about 75% sewn on and then I will need to hand sew it to the back, but this one couldn't wait!!
It's called "Circle Around" and it was the above picture that caught my eye.
This picture is the one that made me think I could do it. How hard can it be?
I had these rolls of fabric that I had purchased from JoAnn Fabrics awhile ago and I think they will be perfect.
My 32 - 10" squares of colored fabric
My 63 - 10" squares of solid white fabric
The pattern says you can purchase this very nice circle ruler. I went to the quilting store and found it, but it was rather expensive. I would also have had to purchase a special rotary cutter as well as my current one will not work in the special ruler. I had already gone over my "crafting" budget this month because I had to purchase a walking foot for my sewing machine in order to complete my first quilting class. I opted to take the more rudimentary approach and make a pattern out of paper - such a backward thought, I know!!
Anyway, the first couple of circles I cut, I painstakingly centered the circle on the fabric, measuring and making sure it was all "perfect". When I got tired of that (after only 2 circles) I decided to just fold the circle into quarters....
take my fabric square......
fold that into quarters......
And do it this way. Much, Much quicker!!
Here are my green circles - still folded - I think it might be easier to get them onto the white squares if I have the fold lines to make sure everything is centered.
My patterned fabric with the circles cut out. Very clever design! :o)

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