Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have long admired this form of embroidery. I even have several books on it, but I have always been a little intimidated by the neccesity of eveness in stitch length. Well......the local quilting store was offering a class in Sashiko and I decided to jump right in. Our instructor was fabulous!! She had a wonderfully complete power point presentation and lots and lots of hands on help and tips. This is the piece I bought for the class. It is preprinted and we stitched it completely differently to what I thought we were going to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
This next piece is an attempt at free embroidery. Our teacher let us trace a design onto fabric and try our hand at embroidering without the benefit of the preprinted dashes. It is quite hard to get the stitches even and also pay attention to the fact that they cannot touch other lines of stitching. It's a good first try. I like this so much that I have signed up for the advanced class next month. I can't wait!!

OOPS!! This wound up on my front porch!
Hmmmm....How did that happen?

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