Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Frivola Scarf - Finis

This was actually a very, very quick knit. It is so cool how you just knit 2 stitches on the string in between the pom poms. No pulling them through, no thinking about placement, no thinking - maybe that's why I like it so much!!
Started: 4/20/2010
Finished: 5/17/10
Obviously I worked on other things in between the start and finish of this :o)
Needles: US13
Yarn: Frivola by Mondial
95% polyester, 5% polyester met
Color: 985
Lot: 43
57" X 6.5"
She loves it and brings it everywhere!! She says it reminds her of meopolitan ice cream :o)

Close up of the "yarn".
Playin' around!

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