Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy Holidays to all!! It has been so busy crazy here with family and friends - it will be way too quiet when everyone goes home to where they are from. Over the next few posts, I will be making a list of WIP's. Not ALL of them mind you - that would be embarassing!! - but only those that I have stashed around in corners downstairs. There will be a very real effort to finish these this year - HAHAHA - I can even hear myself laughing!

First up - the shell. I made two of these previously and gave them to the two oldest daughters. Now it is my turn :o)
Cross stitch stocking for daughter #1. I have 5 of these kits in different designs. I just started this one two days ago and will post progress soon.

Secret of the Stole

"Home Sweet Home" cross stitch for our home that was started when we bought this home in 1993.

Bee Fields Shawl from KnitSpot. I jumped on this quite awhile ago when everyone was doing it. I even joined a KAL, but didn't get too far :o)

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