Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ribbon Scarf Progress

I have been working on this scarf/stole for a little bit - it is my driving/waiting knitting. What is shown here is about 23 inches and the first ball of yarn finished. There are two more balls of yarn so I am expecting this to be approximately 69 inches before blocking. I was originally making this for my MIL, but now my oldest daughter says she really wants it. HMMMM.... could these possibly be gifts for the holidays this year??? or maybe birthday gifts..... A close up of the fabric this ribbon yarn creates. It's really cool!


hakucho said...

Wow, the ribbon yarn make a very interesting fabric! I can see why your daughter likes it so much :)

happy knitting :)

Kathleen C. said...

Is that one single yarn? Or two yarns used together. And if it's two how do you do that!?
I've done some scarfs where the thin yarn alternates with another ribbon or boucle and it's cool, but it's in bands rather than patterned.
very cool!