Monday, January 26, 2009

Some knitting

I realize that I started this blog as a knitting blog. Initially it was all knitting all the time, but as time has passed I have branched out and done a little bit of many things. As my mom says: "I am a jack-of-all trades".....the next part is not so complimentary.... "but master of none". However, it probably applies and that is way ok with me :o)

A bookmark from the Monthly Bookmark Group. Those are flowers on it. I made it with dishcloth cotton so it turned out much larger that I usually like. But it is nice and has been adopted already!
Ice Skating Dish Cloth from the Monthly Dishcloth Group. I haven't done a dishcloth in a year and it was really nice to make one. I haven't made the mid-month cloth yet, but I will soon.

Just a regular old terra cotta pot that we had lying around that I decided to paint. It still needs to be sealed both inside and out and then I can plant in it. I am not sure what I will put in it - maybe some rosemary - I have always wanted to grow rosemary and I love the idea of just picking what I want to use when I need it.

I like the butterflies a lot!

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hakucho said...

Love your butterfly pot...make me think spring...which is a very good thought :)