Friday, January 23, 2009

Fiddle/Clogger Competition Dress Done!

The dress is done - it was completed yesterday afternoon-during the time I was supposed to be taking my walk! :o( I am so glad to have this off my plate. The competition is this Sunday so it's not a moment too soon.

Note that the dress is much shorter than originally called for. If you remember, this dress was supposed to be floor length. That is what the clogger's family requested. I made the dress floor length but did not hem it until the final dress rehearsal two weeks ago. Well.....both the clogger and the banjo player sent their dresses to be made at a dressmaker's. The same dress maker at the same time. The clogger's family decided at that point that the dress for the clogger should be knee length so that her feet could be easily seen. They also decided that the banjoy player's dress should be just past the knee. We found out about this change at the final rehearsal when we showed up with a floor length dress and the other two were significantly shorter. AAARRRGH!! I was told that our dress needed to be knee length also. There was a problem.......notice the two tiers-we will call them tier one (the one closest to the bodice) and tier two (the one closest to the floor). When the other two dresses were made, the dressmaker made tier one longer and eliminated tier two. On my daughter, tier one ends just slightly above the knee and if I were to have cut the fabric to make the dress the length requested, the 2nd tier would have would up being about 1 1/2 inches long -kind of wierd. I did not have enough fabric to cut out a new tier number one. I lopped twelve inches from the bottom of this dress and hemmed it. The clogger and her family seem to be ok with this alternative and each performer will have a slightly different lenghth dress. My daughter loves it!
AND, that's what counts!! By the way, Yes she will perform barefoot because both her and the banjo player are supposed to be hillbillies playing in the summer.


hakucho said...

You did a great job...especially with the last minute modifications!! I like that all the dresses are different :)

Good luck to your daughter....she looks beautiful in her dress :)

KimP said...

Your daughter is BEE-YOO-TI-FULL! Great job on the fly!