Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I can honestly say this was an unqualified success!!! Everyone in our family from the youngest to the oldest had a part in completing this puzzle. The big pieces and easy design made it easy enough for the youngest (3 1/2 years) to place a few pieces and my husband and I had fun also.

This new puzzle was started right after the other one was completed and although it is also a 300 piece puzzle it is much, much harder. Only the oldest 3 are interested. The 7yo has put in a couple of pieces and the 3 1/2 yo has no interest. The pieces are much smaller than the one above and the detail is much greater - it is much harder to place the pieces.
I am sure we will finish soon. Last night my in-laws came over for dinner and they put in a piece each. The next puzzle will need to be easier if the youngers are to feel included. Of course I love this puzzle!!

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