Friday, January 9, 2009

FO, progress & more WIPs

This scarf has been picked up, put down, picked up, put down, picked many times I'm just not sure how many. It is finally finished!! The yarn was purchased not long after I learned how to knit so sometime in 2005. I cast on and started - then like a monkey, something shinier and "more interesting" caught my eye. This kept going on and on and on and on - Now it is finally done and I actually like it. I know it is that weird bobble yarn, I know that it really isn't snazzy or classy, but I like it and I like wearing it. It is quite warm which was a surprise to me. And I will keep it until it makes it's way into someone else's room around here. Then after awhile I can STEAL it back :o)

Started: 2005 sometime
Finished: 1/1/2009
Yarn: Bernat Baby Bubbles
Color: Pretty Bubbles (that's an original name)
Needles: US7

Here I am trying to get an artsy photo
It didn't work out all that well, but at least the bobbles are visible. Kind of cute!

This is the progress on the cross stitch stocking. I got the idea to post progress pictures from Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber. She is the one who inspired me to pick up my needle once again - I didn't realize how much I really liked cross stitch. HOWEVER, this is 28 count aida cloth and my eyes have aged since I last did cross stitch about 10 years ago. I now need a magnifying glass-EEEKK-I just can't believe it!

Here is our new family fun "thang". I have always wanted a puzzle table. Now we have one and it is so great. We all stop by and put in pieces as time permits and we gather around this table for a few minutes before teeth brushing in the evenings. I had no idea that everyone would like this idea so much!! The 3yo has even put a couple of pieces. This puzzle is almost complete so we need to go out and find a new one. I found that this 300 piece puzzle was just about perfect - a little easy for the oldest, but the youngest could participate as well. I really like it when everyone can do the same activity together.

These are beaded kits I bought a little while ago that have been in a bin under my desk. I would love to make them in time for Christmas this year!

I hope the finished the products are as pretty as the picture on the front :o)


Vicki W said...

Great finish on the scarf and good luck on the cross stitch!

Shan said...

Oh, cross stitch - I am working on a few things too. My major project right now is on 32 ct linen so I'm doing it over two threads...luckily it's a light colour or I'd go blind. I'm dreading my next project because it's on Navy...eek.

KimP said...

So Vicki has sucked you into her cross stitching world! Can't wait to see these projects!