Thursday, July 5, 2007

MS#3 Clue #1 DONE!!! Whew! And not a moment too soon, Clue #2 comes out tomorrow! I am an extremely slow knitter. I have been knitting 17 rows a day for 5 days straight at about 2 hours per session. That's right - 17 rows equals a little more than 2 hours of knitting. EGAD am I a little envious of some of the other faster knitters out there!

Here are some of my thoughts as I was knitting on Chart B of Clue #1:

1. I used a piece of beading wire to get the beads on to the yarn as I went along because I didn't have a crochet hook the right size. I will definitely be looking a little harder for a crochet hook - I think that will speed up the process immensely!!!

2. I have decided that I need at least 2 more hands - can you please grant them to me?? I need one for each needle, one for the bead (on a bead stitch) and another hand just to help the other three out!!

3. Lifelines are GREAT!! I was inspired by the poster on the MS3 group who made up a poem that sounded like Golem and I say a HUGE Thank you to that person! I have been putting in a lifeline every 17 rows-when I am done with this project for the day.

4. I have left my brain somewhere and I can't seem to find it - will someone help me please? On both rows 62 and 96 I forgot to do a wrong side row AGAIN!! I just started on the next lace row and didn't figure it out until about the half way point in the row and had to tink back. Again ARRGH!!!

After all that I am breathlessly awaiting tomorrow morning to download the next clue! I am usually knitting an hour at 4:30am and then another hour after the kiddies go to bed. Playing with kiddies = lots of errors on the lace and a very cross mommy!!


Shan said...

All right darlin' - you've sucked me in and now I have joined MS3. I hadn't even heard about it until I saw your posts. Now I have to play catch up - which starts with winding the world's largest skein of mohair laceweight into a ball, before I can even cast on the swatch.

Bogie said...

Looks great. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I live in Fremont and work in Mountain View--the knitting group that I go to most often is BobaKnit on Sundays.

Here's a tip for reading charts--use post-it notes and block all of the rows above the row you're working on. That way you can see the current row and what should be underneath it. Don't move the post-its up until you've completed the purl row. I check my work as I work the purl row and make sure I put the yo's in the right spots by reading the chart from left to right on the wrong side rows.

Anita O said...

This shawl is absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud of your work, even if it took you 15 hours!!! And I totally understand about the kids...

Suzanne B said...