Saturday, June 30, 2007

MS#3-first 34 rows

Well.....this is the first 34 rows of the Mystery Stole #3. A lot of the other knitters in the group are much farther along than I am and theirs are just gorgeous - I have not seen one that I did not like or think was beautiful. It must be this pattern that while looks so complicated and difficult is really not all that bad as long as I pay attention to the pattern and the details. I seem to have a little bit of an attention span problem :o)!

On row 10 I had to TINK back because I forgot to do the wrong side row and knit row 11 instead of row 10. I had added the beads and everything - had to remove the beads, TINK back, do row 10 and then redo row 11. Kind of time consuming but that's what I get for trying to do this while the kids are awake.

THEN on row 17 I thought my stitch count was off. I kept coming up with 1 less stitch than I thought should be there. I thought I must have forgotten to put in the last YO - tinked back and added a YO from the row above and finished out the row. I had too many stitches - I continued to tink back and add and remove that stitch two more times before I realized that the original row was CORRECT!!! There never was a problem - Geesh talk about making more work!

Now at row 34, everything is correct and I have a lifeline in. WHEW!!! In order to keep on track I need to do at least 17 rows a day so that I finish Clue #1 by the time Clue #2 is released. Wish me luck!!! :o)

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Laurie (Moo!) said...

Your MS3 is looking good. I'm almost at the same point.

What color are you using? It's very pretty.

I don't know if it will help but I'm knitting the wrong side rows backwards. That way I won't mistake it for a right side and do the pattern.