Saturday, July 14, 2007

MS3 clue 2 DONE!!!

WAHOO!! Clue 2 is complete! Only one day late - and I am now working on clue #3. I love how this is turning out and I love the feel of the Zephyr (this is the first time for me to work with Zephyr). It is also the first time for me to work on something this lacey. I have made lacey dish cloths, but not something of this caliber. I kind of feel like I have made it to the next level - I can now read charts!!

This is a close up to show the beads that I am using. They are really subtle, but in person they are a lot more shiny and show up a little better. Back to knitting before the kidlets all awaken!


Peggy said...

Your stole is really pretty. I love the beads, really nice. I'm still on Chart B!!!!

Terri said...

Your stole is gorgeous. I can't wait to see hew they all turn out!