Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well.....lots of time consuming knitting going on, but no real progress to post about yet. I am on row 126 of the MS3 and I need to complete row 150 before Friday morning so that I am caught up and can begin the next clue. It should be doable ......

We have had a pretty successful gardening year so far. We had oodles and oodles of apricots and plums. The kids ate and ate and ate and the whole neighborhood benefitted :o) Our peaches are coming in and the apples have started.

Our tomatoes are ripening nicely so we will have fresh tomatoes tonight in our salad.

My father gave DD#2 the title of "Tomato Girl" because she has always loved tomatoes. When she was first walking, my father came over and we were picking ripe cherry tomatoes at the time and just handing them to her. I was not paying too close attention and just assumed she was placing them in the bowl for later until I heard my father start laughing. She was just standing there eating them as fast as I was handing them to her. It was too funny - she had tomato juice running down her chin and onto her clothes and she was as happy as could be!! She has not changed all that much except for now she actually sets aside enough for dinner. We picked these this morning around 8:15am and it is now 9:00am and we have 5 left for dinner!

This is a volunteer pumpkin. I have no idea where the seeds came from and I actually thought in the beginning it was from last year's zucchini plants, but these showed up. Pretty neat. The kids are excited to be able to have their own home grown pumpkins this year so I guess we will be planting pumpkins next season as well :o)

Here are our strawberry plants. We actually have quite a few scattered about the backyard but the ripe strawberries never stay on the plants long enough for me to get a picture.

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Shan said...

What a nice picture of your daughter!