Thursday, July 12, 2007


Tomato Girl received one of the Klutz book craft kits for her birthday awhile back, but with school and sports and life we never got around to doing it. Summer just seemed the perfect time to play with some new media for her.

This watch came with a few beads and charms and after she learned how to wire wrap things went a little crazy. There was a pilfering of my bead and charm stash and we had a great time together. Obviously the little one was sleeping during this event :o)

A bracelet she designed herself. Lots of seed beads - a girl after my own heart! The smaller the better in my book.
Wearing said jewelry that now only comes off when she goes in the pool.

Earrings that she designed and made just for me. She also made a pair for her grandmother and her sister.

Knitting content: only MS3. Row 133 and furiously working away!

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