Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Knitting other than the MS3

I really, really love to make these bookmarks!!! So I took a small break to knit this bookmark from the bookmark group. It was definitely a lot of fun and I would love to knit another one, but with beads this time. Now that I am more comfortable adding beads to knits since having to do them for the MS3 I think about adding beads to all of my knitting :o)

You may remember this from a long time ago. It is the squared up throw from knit picks and I am almost done with the first ball of yarn. The stripes just happen, the yarn is variegated - the next ball of yarn is a turqoise color that matches some of the stripes. This has been my car knitting because it is really mindless - just hours of knitting!! But great for little spots of time - I never have to worry about where I am at when I pick it up - just Knit!! Because I am so close to the end of this ball of yarn and I can't wait to add the next color, I have been knitting it in the evening instead of the MS3.

Because of these two projects (and a couple more that have not been blogged about yet), I am woefully behind on my daily rows for the MS3. Now if I want to be done with the current clue by next Friday I would need to knit 31.5 rows a day. HMMMM......at 20 minutes per two rows that would be approximately 5.25 hours per day - do you think that kids could fend for themselves for half of a day?????

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