Wednesday, July 18, 2007

s - l - o - w going

We have lots of family in town right now and they will be here for another 5 weeks so my knitting time will be greatly diminished!! However, it is great to be with everyone and to have all the kids running around the house. All the cousins playing together is such a great sight to see!!!

I joined a group call Bits and Bobs 2 and they knit tessalating fish from the leftovers from other projects (mine will be from all the dishcloths I have been knitting) and then make them into an afghan. This apeals to me on so many levels - knitting, using up all the leftovers so there is no waste, and making an afghan - I couldn't pass it up. This is my first fish and I really like it!! They take almost no time at all so they really qualify in the "instant gratification" category.

Now I wonder what they will look like in two (or three) colors since I have just a wee bit of this yarn leftover, but not enough for a full fish. We shall see......

MS3 progress surely VERY slow this week - only on row 176. I have to have my wits about me to work the lace rows (taking about 15 minutes each) and since there is so much going on at our home right now - it appears that I might have totally misplaced my wits!!

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