Friday, June 22, 2007

Here is my swatch for the MS3 - boy was this fun to knit!!! The yarn is great - it feels so nice. I love the way it knitted up. My only worry now is that it might be a little large. The swatch is a bit bigger than the rest of the group seem to be getting. Mine is 6 1/4" by 3 1/4". I'm not quite sure what to do about that. Should I go down in a needle size?? Maybe I should do another swatch on size 2's. Any suggestions?

This is the finished bookmark for the Bookmark Group. It is also super soft and it was a really fun knit.


Petra aus Kiel said...

Hi Conny,
it's a lovely bookmark.
Your swatch looks quite nice. I think you should try a smaller needlesize and compare with this swatch. I'm sure, it will suit this yarn to knit with smaller needles.

Many Greetings from Kiel/Germany

Kat said...

How funny, I disagree with the previous poster--I like my lace to be more open, and I think yours is fine. :-) We all have different tastes! I wouldn't worry about how big your swatch blocked out. Different lace patterns block differently, and people block their lace to different degrees, so I don't think measurements for this swatch are all that relevant. I think Melanie said the same thing at one point.

Your dishcloth and bookmark are beautiful, too!

Angelika said...

Your swatch looks great and I wouldn't change it. I guess your yarn is a little thicker than the one I'm using. I'm thinking of swatching another one in a smaller needle, but I'm afraid the stole will get too narrow. I like them big.