Monday, June 25, 2007

I am such a joiner! I joined the Shawls and Scarves group and right away started their June scarf. Never mind that there is no way I can finish this one before the July one starts :o) I just decided to add beads to this and placed a silver pony bead right in the center of the diamond closest to the needle. I'll post another picture witht he bead in a couple of days. This will be a scarf that is worn by the kids anyway (all of them are!!) so it might as well be fun.

I bought my beads for MS3 and I am so excited!! They are just about the same color as my yarn but with a little bit of a sheen to them. Tonight is my night to knit at the LYS and I'll try to get my crochet hook - then I'm all set!! Can't wait for the 29th!

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