Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yipee!! My yarn arrived for the MS3 (Mystery Stole 3). I am so excited!! It is super soft. It is JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 lace weight in the color steel. I am planning on using size 3 needles and I have not yet picked out my beads. I hope to do that this weekend because the first clue comes out on June 29th and I want to be all ready to go.

I was very busy this morning - Up at 5 so that I could get some knitting in before the troops awoke. My mid-month dishcloth, mid-month bookmark and the swatch for the MS3. I will post individual pictures as soon as they are dry.

The dishcloth only had to be tinked one time which I was very happy about. The book mark went very smoothly. This swatch was a little more challenging though. I am knitting with the bamboo needles and now I realize why a lot of the knitters in the group are choosing to knit with sharper needles. It is kind of hard to do K2tog with blunt needles and the times that I had to tink, it was quite a lot of work. The tips of the bamboos just wouldn't go into the stitches, especially those that had been knitted together without a lot of finessing. I am now thinking about some new needles. Let's see if that is in the budget :o)

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Kat said...

Your swatches look great!! I love the color of the Zephyr you chose.

As far sharper needles, I love the bamboo ones I got from an eBay seller called joycesupershop (NAYY). They're super pointy and have excellent joins.

I can't wait for the first clue to come out. :-)