Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Things

In keeping with the theme of knitting from your stash, I have been frantically finishing up projects that have already been started and then put on the back burner in order to start newer and more exciting projects. Of course, the newer exciting projects then dim after a little while and more projects get cast on. Well.....I have dubbed this year as the year of the finished project and so far have done ok.

What you see below is the finished purse from the kit called "Alexandra" that was purchased almost a year ago. It was picked out by DD#2 who has been anxiously awaiting the finished project!! It was quite a quick knit and easy to put together and I would do it again if I had the chance.

Above is the blanket that took FOREVER!!! The pattern is "grandmother's favorite" for a dishcloth, just made bigger. I used to balls of yarn. Since it is knit on the diagonal, when I was almost done with the first ball of yarn I stopped increasing (with 190 stitches on the needles), joined the second ball and started the decreases. This one went to DS#1 who had picked out the yarn after seeing the blanket I knit last summer for my nephew.

I started this pattern as the bookmark for the Monthly Bookmark group. It is the April pattern. After knitting for awhile, I decided it was too pretty for just a bookmark so I decided to continue on until it measured 22 inches and gave it to DD#2 for a scarf for her doll.

Here is Oreo, the newest addition to our family. She is super friendly and the kids and their friends all love her. She is a great pet!!

On the non-knitting front, my son's last baseball game was yesterday and they had an end of year party. I made this cake for the party. It is chocolate!! His favorite.

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