Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One more diamond complete for the SASE scarf. The kids already love it!! I added silver pony beads to the points between the diamonds and they think it's great! This is really a neat knit and it seems to be going rather quickly.

A sweater for my husband. This is a VERY, VERY slow knit. I love the yarn and the pattern - this is my first attempt at cables and I am having to pay complete attention to my work - meaning no knitting when the kids are awake and no TV watching, just knitting. Needless to say, not a lot gets done :o) I am trying to do 2 rows a night so I can make progress and it will eventually get done. Hopefully before we retire!! We're in our 40's so I should be able to achieve that goal (maybe).

Yummy yarn - I went to my LYS last night for knit night and wound up buying more yarn. This is Wisdom Yarns Inspire color #121 (no name). It is actually prettier in person than shows up in this picture. My photography skills need some work :o). Anyway, I am planning on using this for the July scarf for the SASE group.

I also bought this yarn. Words cannot describe how beautiful and soft it is. The owner of the LYS was knitting a faroese shawl out of this and the way it knits up is just gorgeous. I couldn't pass it up! It is Ceallach dyes lace yarn 100% merino wool in the colorway "Dolphins Paradise". If I wasn't so attached to the Zephyr for the MS3 I might have used this yarn. Oh Well.....I'll just have to start something new!!

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