Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tallies

So... one of my favorite DPNs has bit the dust.  As you can see, it snapped in half - while I was knitting with it!
 Huge bummer!  I really liked this set of DPNs.
 Just to show that I can't just use the longer half of the broken one to knit with :o).  I actually thought about sanding it down so the end was smooth, but I think it would be too short to safely hold the stitches.
 Enter less attractive metal DPN of same size.  I am using this one with my other wooden ones.
 These are the current hexis.  I am still knitting with the mini skeins from Tami and I love all the colors. More, I think I love the names of these yarns.  The green stripey one up there is Mint Chocolate.  How yummy is that??
This one started out with one of Tami's skeins and when I ran out I added in the light purple and the cream from my weaving ends.  No waste here!  :o)

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