Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looky what I bought!

I ordered these from Tami because I like the colors.
 Aren't they the cutest little hanks ever?!  I had to roll one into a ball right away, but was able to hold off casting on for a hexi until I took this picture!  The ball is call Neapolitan - how perfect is that?
 Had to take a picture of the label.  Love It!
 The names of the colors are great too!
 This color series is "Harry Potter" and I bought them here.
 The colors are very vibrant and will be a great addition to my hexi yarn collection :o)
 These are ends from my loom projects and will also be knit up into hexis - can't waste a bit of yarn!!
"Mommy, but I love whipped cream!"

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