Thursday, June 14, 2012


The end of the school year is such a whirlwind for us!!  So many things coming to a close and all seem to need their own special event!
 10 year old daughter had her cello recital in the "Big Hall" at her music school.  She was so nervous to be up on the "Big Stage" all by herself with "All Those People" looking at her.  She did great!!  She was totally prepared and in no small way because of her fabulous teacher pictured standing next to her.
 The last elementary school orchestra performance of the year.  They sounded really nice.
 Last band concert with at middle school for our 14 year old! - playing her sax
 playing her clarinet
 8th grade awards night - the Jazz Band played.  
 6th grade orchestra concert.  You can just see our 12 year old - he's the blondie looking straight at the camera.  This was the only good shot!!  In all the other ones he is making funny faces.
 Our middle school grad - the one in purple near the back.  I am shocked that she is moving on to high school next year.  Where did all the time go?  I know that she is ready, she has grown and matured so much this year - it's truly amazing, but I am not ready.  High school means one step closer to college and one step closer to leaving the nest.  Sigh.....
 A new driver in training at our home!!  Watch out!  Upside?  I have my own personal chauffeur for awhile.
 A favorite evening routine of these two.  They sit on the couch and read together.  So sweet!
 With all these kids there are a lot of teachers and support staff to thank at the end of the year.  So many people make a difference in my kid's lives (38 to be exact!!) - my kids are so lucky. 
Each child wrote a special note to their special people and then we attached the notes to the breads (pumpkin in case you were wondering).  The kids surprised me and wrote some really heart felt thanks - even the 7 year old and they were thrilled to hand them out.

AHHH!!  Now the fun and relaxation of summer time!

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Carissa said...

Oh, I can relate to the end of the school year and one moving on to HS. My 14yo son had end of year choral concert and band concert and 8th grade graduation. It's so hard to believe he's starting HS next year.