Saturday, May 21, 2011


Been doing a fair amount of weaving. About 20 minutes per day. It's relaxing and I like the rhythm.

This is meant to be a sampler - so there are tons of different stitches.

twill - you can see that my tension is way off and it looks a little "stretched"

pointed twil - what you cannot see here are the edges - they are very uneven


weft faced twill

warp faced twill - I have a huge written list of question for my teacher. She has her studio about an hour away so I will not visit her until I am finished with the sampler. Hopefully she has some tips for me because this sampler is very "wonky". I only have a few more patterns to complete and then I will make my next appointment.


hakucho said...

Very pretty...looks perfect to me :)

Patches said...