Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TUSAL, fishes, gardening

Here is my April TUSAL! Just look at all those threads! There is lots of DMC from cross stitching, there is the plastic lanyard from lanyard making on our vacation, and lots and lots of cotton from weaving in the ends of fishes. I think I'll need a bigger jar for my TUSAL soon :o)

What you see here are 4 stacks of fish that equal 96 fishes. Why am I showing you all the same fishes yet again??? Well.....these fish have all their ends woven in! You betcha! I sat down and wove in all the ends one right after another - now, I am weaving the ends just as soon as I finish a fish. I absolutely do not want to have to go on another end weaving binge again, EVER.

I was also busy planting. I love spring so much! We planted strawberries...

radishes, tomatoes and eggplant (there are now three different kinds of lettuce in this bed now as well)...

crookneck squash and zucchini (there are also 2 artichoke plants here now). Boy did we have fun!! Mostly the 6year old and myself, but everyone did a little bit. You can bet they are all going to want to eat our harvest :o) I also want to plant some sunflower seeds, some gourds and a few pumpkins from our pumpkins last year. Why are there only 24 hours in every day???

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hakucho said...

Yes, it is SO much better to weave in the ends as you go. Waiting til the end is daunting! Good for you getting all caught up with the loose ends :)

Good luck with your have so much to look forward to :)